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The 7 Best Smart Car Products of 2019

The Rundown

.Best GPS Tracker: Vyncs 3G GPS Tracker at Amazon, “A stage over the rest essentially on the grounds that it doesn’t charge a base month to month expense.”


.Best Smart Driving Assistant: Automatic PRO AUT-320 Adapter at Amazon, “Gives you a similar power as expert car administration individuals.”

.Best Car Charger: Roav VIVA Alexa-Enabled at Amazon, “Brings an unheard of dimension of control to your in-vehicle diversion and route involvement.”


.Best Smartphone Mount: iOttie Easy One Touch 3 at Amazon, “Works with about each cell phone (up to 3.5 crawls in width).”

.Best Dash Cam Mounted Video: AUBBC Full HD at Sears, “Clients have lauded the item at its reasonable cost tag and its quality top quality.”


.Best Key Finder: Beets BLU Bluetooth Wireless at, “The application pulls up a lost area following on your cell phone, making it simple to help discover lost keys.”

.Sprinter Up, Best Smart Driving Assistant: ScanTool 427201 OBDLink LX at Amazon, “Sweep instrument, trip PC, lumberjack and constant execution screen.”


Best GPS Tracker: Vyncs 3G GPS Tracker

There are many keen GPS vehicle trackers accessible available today, all encouraging the capacity the monitor youthful drivers, office setup colleagues, individuals acquiring your vehicle or even possibly bamboozling mates. In any case, a considerable lot of these trackers all need you to purchase the gadget and after that compensation a month to month expense to utilize the gadget, here and there up to $25 every month. That is a hard pitch to numerous clients, however the Vyncs 3G GPS Tracker is a stage over the rest mostly in light of the fact that it doesn’t charge a base month to month expense. Rather, you pay for the gadget once and afterward you get one year of administration. From that point forward, the expense is $69.99 per year, which once more, is less expensive than its rivals.


The Vyncs tracker refreshes its area like clockwork at the base cost, yet you can pay more in the event that you need it to refresh at regular intervals, 30 seconds or 15 seconds. It presents a stable 3G remote association in every one of the 50 U.S. states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada and after that conveys data back to the proprietor by means of a Web entryway or Vyncs iOS or Android applications. The data it gathers incorporates GPS area (duh), vehicle diagnostics, for example, check motor light, efficiency, fuel level, driver scoring and the sky is the limit from there. With everything taken into account, this is the most balanced GPS tracker we’ve seen and a generally decent arrangement, to boot.

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Best Smart Driving Assistant: Automatic PRO AUT-320 Adapter

Need a mechanized examining device that you realize will work with your iOS and Android gadgets? The Automatic is the one for you and is intended to be a standout amongst the best checking devices for useful similarity — it even works related to Amazon Echo.


The Automatic is a car checking apparatus that gives you a similar power as expert car administration individuals. It can interpret your check motor light with a nitty gritty portrayal of the issue by means of Automatic’s application. You’ll have the capacity to clear it for minor issues you can fix, however on the off chance that you need a specialist, it will furnish you with very much surveyed specialists in your region.

In case you’re in a mishap, the gadget will get quick help from a live specialist, and crisis administrations are called — all while it informs your family and dear companions. The administration is accessible day in and day out in the U.S. furthermore, there are no membership expenses for the second-age connector of the item.


The gadget gives sound admonitions that assistance you remain under as far as possible you assign in the application, and furthermore helps with driving propensities to improve hard braking and smoother speeding up. The gadget additionally monitors your expense and MPG for each trek, so you can discover progressively proficient courses to your goal.

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